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Notes de cours à l'IUT

Plouffe inverter tables,
32 digits precision, 3 billion entries
64 digits precision, 17.2 billion entries (compressed)
All the sequences of the OEIS encoded in real numbers : 3 billion entries

Patterns in numbers
experiment with n*n*phi with a vertical view
phi*n*n vertical at position 145 in decimal
nice pattern obtained with n*n*phi (golden ratio)
at position 145 in decimal, 16000000 digits where used.
2016 : Prime numbers as sums of irrational numbers
691 as a sum of 2 series17, 37
                and 251

Time line

1983 :arctan_of_1_2_over_pi
1991 : First version of GFUN

1992 : expPi-Pi

1992 : The n'th Tribonacci number is : tribonacci

1992 :Master Thesis : Approximation de fonctions génératrices et quelques conjectures
1993 : A sequence related to that of Thue-Morse
1993 : Exact formulas for integer sequences

1995 : BBP
1995 : Publication de : The encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
1995 : Ouverture du Inverse Symbolic Calculator

1996 : Algorithm for Pi in base 10

1996 : Computation of the 10000'th Bernoulli number (with Greg Fee)
1998 : Ouverture de l'Inverseur de Plouffe - Plouffe Inverter

1998 : Integer relations :


2001 : Fibonacci numbers and plants (and other radio and tv)

2001 : Computation of the  750000'th Bernoulli number

2006 : New formulas for Pi and 1/Pi : pi 2006

2006 : Experiments modulo 1:


n2^n mod

2010 :Interesting approximations approximation of 119 and 10

2011 : A formula for the mass ratio of the neutron/proton :

neutron/proton mass ratio

2011 : 148000 empirical formulas found in the OEIS database

2014 : Strange formula for some algebraic numbers: algebraic formula

algebraic number

2014 : A formula for the Zeta function : formula for the
                zeta function

wave in
              the zeta zeros

2015 : A formula for the proton/electron mass ratio:
mass ratio of proton and electron

2016 : Formula for primes using irrational numbers
formulas for primes

2016 : Portable version of the Plouffe Inverter : Version portable de l'Inverseur de Plouffe. 3 billion entries at 32 digits precision. Version in text format here

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 images of distribution modulo 1
Experiments modulo 1
Plouffe inverter tables
Generating Functions of the OEIS
films from the OEIS database
Integer relations
Reverse Values of real numbers
Stirling numbers of the first kind in color
Stirling numbers of the second kind in color

From the OEIS database
Distribution mod 1

Experience #2

N*k^n mod M

Champernowne numbers

Champernowne numbers in arithmetic progression

Sequences of the OEIS to real numbers
Integer Relations
Inspired formulas
basés sur les suites de l'OEIS

old articles
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